"Allen & Lee reach more buyers with our multi-lingual team."

"Allen & Lee reach more buyers with our multi-lingual team."


Why clients are pleased with us?

The team at Allen & Lee can rattle off plenty of reasons why we are the perfect choice to market your property. But we would prefer to let our past clients do the talking for us.

We have volumes of client letters of appreciation praising us for the outstanding results achieved in the sale of their property in terms of price and time on the market as well as the manner in which we conducted dealings with them. We invite you – no, we urge you - to look through these letters to see what others have said about the team at Allen & Lee – we are proud of each and every one of these testimonials and we know the effort that goes into maintaining this exceptional standard of service and results.

Why an independent agency?

We have to do the job right. As an independent agency, we cannot rely on a high-profile marketing machine that national firms have with their big franchise fees to attract potential clientele to their door.  Allen & Lee provides the very best service to ensure we continue to attract repeat clientele – happy customers who keep coming back to us time and time again

It is also a common thread in our testimonials that clients who have come across to Allen & Lee vent their frustration and disappointment with their previous agent.  Please, come to our office and read their stories.  Their frustrations with the big name agencies stem from undelivered promises, poor buyer interest and failure of these other agencies to keep them informed.  Many clients have sold their homes within a short space of time after bringing their property over and placing it in the hands of Allen & Lee.

Why Mark Allen and John Lee?
There is considerable depth of experience and knowledge in the leadership at Allen & Lee.  Both directors, Mark Allen and John Lee, have been with the company for decades and bring substantial knowledge, insight and credibility to the firm.  Their hands-on approach ensures they are actively involved in all facets of the day-to-day dealings of the firm and are easily accessible to both clients and the sales team.  The directors ensure the level of training in the sales team is of the highest standard to maintain the quality level of service to our clients and prospective buyers.

Allen & Lee have developed marketing strategies to enhance the prospect of selling your property at a premium price in any market.  We would be delighted to explain our strategies to you.